New ServiceNow Scoped App v5.0.6 is now Available in ServiceNow Store

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We're happy to announce that the latest version of ServiceNow Scoped App integration (v5.0.6) has passed certification and is now available in the ServiceNow Store.

Quick facts

  • App version: 5.0.6
  • Release date on ServiceNow store: September 30, 2021
  • Supported ServiceNow version: Rome (Quebec and Paris)

What is new?

IT Visibility and Data Platform Integration

  • Added hardware and software lifecycle data in ServiceNow native tables. This enables customers to leverage service life data in their ServiceNow use cases.
  • Improved integration process reliability with additional system readiness check at the start of each job.
  • Resolved an issue with the is_deleted labeling logic.
  • Improved manual job cancel logic for stuck tasks.

FlexNet Manager Suite integration

  • Updated decodeFile method in FNMSFileExport to make is compatible with Quebec.

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Level 3

Hi there, 

I would like to know if there is any documentation available for the exchange of information from Flexera/ServiceNow, both from the Data Platform and FNMS in relation to APIs and the API ?


i.e. - wh

Level 3

Hi there, 

I would like to know if there is any documentation available for the exchange of information from Flexera/ServiceNow, both from the Data Platform and FNMS in relation to APIs and the API Specifications?

I can see the various scripted REST API's in ServiceNow that get created as part of the app installation, but I cant seem to find any data flow documentation, or API specfications, such as sample payloads, expected headers, etc. 


Does this exist?




- Stephen




Find the data model documentation here Data Model (

Level 3

Hi Ubhatt, 


Thanks, but this documentation does not go into any detail about the methods of data exchange between Flexera and ServiceNow, only that there is a scheduled job that runs. 

If you look at the Flexera Integration scripted rest service there are 17 endpoints:


Can-ImportGETTRUE/can_import/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/can_importFlexera Integrationv1 
VersionGETTRUE/version/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/versionFlexera Integrationv1 
Last-Successful-ImportGETTRUE/last_successful_import/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/last_successful_importFlexera Integrationv1 
Cancel-Import-StatusGETTRUE/cancel_import_status/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/cancel_import_statusFlexera Integrationv1 
Import-StatusGETTRUE/import_status/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/import_statusFlexera Integrationv1 
Is-SAM-Plugin-EnabledGETTRUE/is_sam_plugin_enabled/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/is_sam_plugin_enabledFlexera Integrationv1 
Can-ExportGETTRUE/can_export/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/can_exportFlexera Integrationv1 
Export-StatusGETTRUE/export_status/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/export_statusFlexera Integrationv1 
Cancel-Export-StatusGETTRUE/cancel_export_status/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/cancel_export_statusFlexera Integrationv1 
Import-Progress-StatusGETTRUE/import_progress_status/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/import_progress_statusFlexera Integrationv1 
Test-ConnectionGETTRUE/test_connection/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/test_connectionFlexera Integrationv1 
FNMSToSNPOSTTRUE/fnmstosn/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/fnmstosnFlexera Integrationv1 
Cancel-ExportPOSTTRUE/cancel_export/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/cancel_exportFlexera Integrationv1 
ExportPOSTTRUE/export/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/exportFlexera Integrationv1 
Cancel-ImportPOSTTRUE/cancel_import/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/cancel_importFlexera Integrationv1 
Import-Data-CompletePOSTTRUE/import_data_complete/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/import_data_completeFlexera Integrationv1 
ImportPOSTTRUE/import/api/x_fls_flexera_fnms/v1/integration/importFlexera Integrationv1 

As far as I can tell there is no documentation available for these API's, both what they are sending or receiving - are there any API Specifications available?




- Stephen

Level 2

I have a few questions regarding the ScopedApp 5.0.639, please see below:

  • I only see “New in this release” in the document 5.0.639. Where are the changes and bug fixes for the last 3 versions?
  • In the Netgear Export, it is now missing many classes. What happened to Class “is a” Netgear? There are many more classes than the ones listed below?

((sys_class_name=cmdb_ci_netgear) or (sys_class_name=cmdb_ci_ip_router) or (sys_class_name=cmdb_ci_ip_switch))


@stephenlagan  we do not expose it for IT Visibility of Data Platform. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@stephenlagan - to elaborate a little on @ubhatt's comment: the APIs you've noted are treated as internal to the integration component. They are not intended or documented to be directly used by anybody but Flexera developers who build the integration capabilities with various Flexera products.