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Data Platform 5.5.28 April 2020 Release

We’re excited to announce Flexera’s 5.5.28 release (shipping out the night of 3/31) for Data Platform.  Our team has been heads-down delivering enhanced outcomes, better performance, and some quality of life improvements.  We are committed to innovation and that’s not isolated to our cloud-based products.  This release contains one of the first (of many!) data integrations between Data Platform and the product portfolio, the first (of many!) UI upgrades/new reports, and the first (of many!) performance improvements.  So without further ado, let’s get into the details:


What’s included in this release?


  • Enhanced InfoSec Content: we’ve brought together some interesting data with the help of our Secunia Research brothers and sisters.  We’re adding:
    • Secunia Advisories: The current content pack is populated with data sourced from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).  The problem with NVD data is that there’s no consistency to threat scoring and veracity of the data the CPE contains.  Our research team digs into the details to bring consistency and trust to vulnerability rating by building advisories and assigning a defined and consistent rating.
    • Threat Scoring: Understand whether the vulnerabilities uncovered have been exploited out in the wild.
    • New Advisory Explorer reports: we’re adding two new reports to get you to the data you need efficiently.  One report allows users to explore the aggregate dataset and drill down to specific devices for action.  Another allows you to pull down the entire dataset to build your own analysis or integrate with other systems.



  • Performance Improvements:  Across the product, from the backend to the frontend, we are focusing on areas to improve performance over the coming quarters. 
    • The first change we’re rolling out is a major decrease in the normalize processing time. 
    • This is purely a backend change that you will experience in the time it takes for your normalize jobs to complete. 



What’s next?


As we leave this release and look to the next you’ll see us working on new reports with an aim of improved performance and enhanced access to the data.  We are going to be trialing a lot of our new reporting out so if you’re interesting in being a part of a beta user group let us know!  User feedback is the lifeblood of any product company.  We are also looking at some additional data integrations with the Flexera portfolio.  Stay tuned.


Please join us for our customer release webinar on Tuesday, 4/7register here.


We would love to get your feedback on this release or anything outside of this.  If you have any feedback (good, bad, or ugly) please either reach out to me in the comments below.