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Back in March 2022, we announced the upcoming new market version of Data Platform.

After working diligently in the past couple of months, and though with a slight delay due to additional works on the documentation, we are really excited to finally announce that the new Data Platform 2022 is now Generally Available!


A visual of "About" screen after deploymentA visual of "About" screen after deployment

Data Platform 2022 packages cumulative updates from prior Data Platform 5.5.x releases (up to 5.5.52 patch release) in a simple full installer that will be straightforward for most of our customers to deploy. Customers who are far behind on Data Platform 5.5.x patch version and have been holding off with upgrading to the latest version should seize this as the perfect opportunity to upgrade.


Some of the highlights the cumulative new features that Data Platform 2022 brings include:

  • Instant reports in User Console: pre-populated reporting for quick delivery of data insights toward common strategic initiatives

    A visual of Instant ReportA visual of Instant Report
  • Support for certificate authentication: standardized infrastructure support for highly secure organizations including the implementation of CAC (Common Access Card)

    A visual of Certificate Authentication settingA visual of Certificate Authentication setting

  • Reports management in User Console using multi-level folders: organize your reports and set permissions for effective collaboration within the business

    A visual of Folders ManagementA visual of Folders Management

  • Enhanced mapping cube in User Console: improved transparency into normalization process for your data so you can troubleshoot and create private catalog items easier with increased visibility

  • Standardized mashup: simplified wizard-driven process for improved experience with data mashup—point-and-click updates to contextualize your discovered inventory

    A visual of Data Mashup wizardA visual of Data Mashup wizard

  • Roll-up of open-source software (OSS) to operating system (OS) distro: increase efficiency and effectiveness by identifying OSS within the OS to roll up things like maintenance and support within the organization

  • Optimized support for your top tools like BMC discovery and Helix, Tanium, BigFix, FNMS, and HPUD

  • Additional performance enhancements to:
    • Normalization
    • Technopedia details page
    • Catalog sync
    • User Console experience

  • Optimized compatibility with the Scoped App ServiceNow integration, covering native tables integration (including the lifecycle data), IRE compatibility, and the latest major improvement in transform processing time (the details of which can be found in this announcement)


Head on over to the Product and License Center to download the installer and read the Release Notes to find more about this release. You can also read the Solution Brief/Datasheet for overall information on Data Platform.

Our Product Documentation page for Data Platform provides all the documents that you need to deploy this release, including Installation Guide, Admin Console as well as the User Console Guide.

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