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not able to access get support tab

not able to access get support tab  while other tabs are accessible

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It means your account is not associated with Organization or you might not having support plans as such(which I really doubt)  - So please contact your administrator who created the account or ask him/her to log a case on behalf of you and share your email address with Flexera support team to validate your account and assign a role so you can access the page. 


I hope it helps! 

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I can login to community portal with my credentials and can open other tabs also except get support tab
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Yes, that's what I am saying. anybody can login to community and register using peronsl email aslo but to get a support you need to associate your ID with Organization account.

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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

I looked into your Community account and everything appears to be correct. 
If you can not access the Get Support tab of the community, then please try logging out and logging back in. The permissions needed are set during login to the community. 

If you can not access the Get Support tab after logging out and back in, then please reach out to a member of our support team using the contact information below:

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