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Export Control

HiWe are not using the data platform yet, but curious if anyone are using it to assist in managing Export Control regulations, e.g. Is it possible to enrich data from data platform with Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs)?

mag00_75 by Level 8 Champion
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Use Last Run Date Time Field

ServiceNow is saying that best practices for all JDBC data sources is to have the “Use last run date time” field checked as “true”. Apparently this will filter data to only look for new or updated records since the last time the job ran. Does anyone ...

License type

Is there anything in BDNA database that can tell me what kind of license type a particular software uses.  When I say license type, I'm referring to Per Device, Per User, Site License, etc...

Windows 10 compatibility report

Hi,I am working with a customer trying to create a report to find out if the software we have is compatible with Windows 10. Is there a report that is out of the box or do we need to build an Asset report?Thanks,Steve@dcummins 

FNMS to Data Platform

Is it possible to pull the  Server inventory along with mapping of softwares installed on the server from FNMS and then push it to Data Platform where one can normalize the data and then enrich with EOSL data.End  objective is to identify the lifecyc...

Usage Information

I can see the usage data when browsing titles from the browse bar, but don't see anything when running an analyzer report.  Is there something else I need to set besides the metering?  Thanks in advance!

Can last date used be imported into Data Platform

As part of our Application Portfolio Management we're trying to ensure that we're not buying more licenses than we need and that we can reallocate unused licenses over to users needing them.  Our SCCM has Software Metering enabled but I'm not seeing ...

aguren by Level 2
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