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Anyone getting errors when attempting to update to 5.5.28?  I am seeing this error at the moment:

Updater: Not expected return value. [return:2] [Error : Copy file [C:\Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\\tmp\Backup\5.5.28_UpgradeBackup\31903_32520\x64\bms.Common.dll] To [C:\Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\Bin\bms.Common.dll] failed.]


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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran
I have applied the patch in our support lab and have not seen this issue. From the error snippet it looks like it is unable to copy a file to this folder C:\Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\Bin

Can you please check
1) Permissions on C:\Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\Bin
2) Is your install on C: drive?
3) Can you please provide the BDNA.log and updater.log file?

Verified that the account has full rights to that directory.  See attached for the logs requested.