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add bdna databse as a data source

Is there a way to add the bdna database as a data source on excel or powerbi?

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Yes... you can select export results to a csv file which can be loaded into either excel or power bi

Or you can use a sql database connection to import the BDNA_PUBLISH database into PowerBI. There are a number of FACT tables and DIM tables which can be easily loaded into PBI for reporting. There is also a published ERD on the support site which describes BDNA_PUBLISH tables 


where can I find the server name and database name and account to use to connect to the data source?

I do not know who completed your install but someone will have installed the application server you use to access the Data Platform website. This is linked to a SQL Server instance which will be hosting two databases (BDNA and BDNA_PUBLISH). You will need the database admin to grant you read access to the BDNA_PUBLISH database

is there a specific port that I need to connect to the db?

Port 1433 is typically used... but it is possible for this to have been changed during the installation