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Windows Mail 6.2

Windows Mail 6.2 is identified as obsolete as of Jan 10, 2023.  I have two questions about this:1) Is it possible that the intent was a date of Oct 10, 2023 (10/10/2023) rather than Jan 10, 2023 (1/10/2023).  This would align it with the EOL for Wind...

phe6psm by Level 2
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Solved NetMRI data through REST API

We're looking at pulling in data from NetMRI to DP normalize process using the API integration.  Would we need to create a separate configuration file for this or will the existing IT Discovery API work for this?

Solved Technopedia Desupported flag information ?

Hello,could you explain me why I can find a lot of components with an outdated OBS year but which aren't flagged as desupported ?For exemple Beyond compare v4.2 from Scooter software got an OBS year = 2019 but isn't flag as Desupported.Thanks in adva...

Application Owners report

Hi all!!   Does anybody know how can I get a report that shows all application owners registered at Flexera for all applications and licenses? Thanks!

EdnaGM by Level 2
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