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Windows 10 compatibility report


I am working with a customer trying to create a report to find out if the software we have is compatible with Windows 10. Is there a report that is out of the box or do we need to build an Asset report?




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Flexera Alumni

Hi Steven,

This is normally available if your license contains the Content Pack  for "Windows 10 Compatibility".

If your license contains this Content pack , you should see an option to use the "Windows Readiness" reports which will give you information on Windows 10 compatibility.

Hope this helps.

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@blalvani  ... Hi 

Should this be visible via the Admin Console - Preferences - Registration ? 

I'm having the same with a customer. Checking within the above mentioned path I can't find anything related to Windows 10... Is there any other place where I can check if this is available for customer.  Thanks

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Hi Carlos,

This report is available in User Console UI --> Report management --> Search for "Readiness" reports.

Example report:


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@blalvani  Hi.. thanks for your help ... I don't see any "readiness" option within the reports. 

The current version of DP it's 5.5.25 ...  Any other help it's much appreciated. Thanks

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Update on this discussion:

We are validating the customer license to ensure it has the required Content Pack enabled.

This will be worked upon a support case further.

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