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Update 5.5.22 failed

Upgrade to 5.5.22 failed - and rollback also ..

UserConsole not starting - so I'm kinda a stuck.

Updating agian or doing catalog sync fails: 

"The system failed to connect to the User Console service. Please check the environment and retry."

How cn I do a manual upgrade or a manual rollback?

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Hi Frode ,

We may need to investigate your environment in detail.

Can you log a new support case and a representative should be able to assist you.




Hi Frode,

Have you tried to manually start the service from service panel?

If that does not work - you can try to run the User Console config wizard and try to reinitialize your current settings. You need not change anything, you can use existing objects in your database , just try to complete the wizard all the way to the end.

If that still does not help start the service , I have logged a case for you : 01931663 which should be accessible from your customer community page.

 You can help share logs on the case.