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DP installation in load balancing configuration

I have a customer who was inquiring about installing Data Platform in a load balancing configuration.

The set up would be:

- 2 servers, each with DP admin and user console installed. 

- 1 server would be active while the other would be in a passive status. During maintenance windows, the passive server would then become active and pick up the workload.

Is this possible?

Has DP been deployed in this manner before? 

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It would be interesting to understand more about what your customer wants to accomplish through installing Data Platform in a load balanced configuration.

It's not tested or supported from Flexera's side but obviously that doesn't mean that you couldn't make it work for the customer, but again it would be interesting to understand the underlying business requirements that made the customer ask for this.


@JohnSorensenDK  the idea behind this request from the customer perspective is to avoid any downtime due to updates/upgrades for Data Platform or any issues with the system itself. Their intentions are to have high availability of the system and circumvent any maintenance window for DP in their on premise environment. 


Interesting... do you know the underlying business reasons why the Data Platform implementation is sufficiently business critical to require such redundancy?