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Solved Catalog Update

Is it possible to get Technopedia Catalog Update for specific dates? For example if I want the Technopedia catalog update from August 9, 2021 to September 1, 2021.  Regards,Adam

Ad2024 by Level 2
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Importing list

I am creating reports in Technopedia.  I just want to track 100 servers.  Is there a way to batch import the syshostname in the filters instead of typing each one individually?

antwann by Level 2
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Data Platform

Getting this error:  Program Files\BDNA\Data Platform\patchsetversion.txt' is denied.  Can anyone assist?  

wpriest by Level 2
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Solved "The Path is not accessible" alert when running normalize

When I attempt to start a normalize process I receive an alert that the path is not accessible: \\server\export. When checking in the Normalize Settings the folder path has not changed and it successfully connects when I test connection. Has anyone s...

MiltonJ by Level 2
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Solved Metering and SW_Use_count

Hi,  how does the metering in Data Platform work?  I can see the parameters for metering in Settings but I'm not sure what available fields this impacts.  For example, should I expect to see any changes in SW_Use_Count field or SW_Last Use Year/Quart...

Custom Connector Attribute Matrix

I am creating a custom connector to bring in data  for a customer, and was wondering if there is a list of all the available attributes and how they appear in the database.  For example to match "SYS HDD RANGE" what would be the Data Platform column ...

Solved Mashup

Looking to create a mashup using the Product ID as the Key.  Is there a good way to get a list of all my Normalize products and their corresponding Product ID for matching?  

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