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BDNA Upgrade/Patching Process

I struggle every time I have a patch to apply or upgrade the Data Platform. During upgrade to 5.5.22, 5.5.35 and 5.5.48, the configuration part fails at the console windows service start stage. For 5.5.22 and 5.5.35 upgrades I had to manually stop and start the service while configuration was at that stage, which then the configuration process picked up as a completed step. I am encountering the same issue with 5.5.48 upgrade, now. 

I just want to know if it is just our environment or there are other which have experienced the same. And if so, is there a solution/workaround?

Our console server is Windows Server 2012 SP2 and the database is MS SQL server 2014.


Thank you.

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As none of the forum members have responded with similar symptoms I would recommend that you get assistance in troubleshooting the issues experienced in your environment by opening a support case following How to Contact Flexera Support 


Hi John: Thank you. I currently have a case open for issues encountered now for 5.5.48 and beyond. I had cases open every previous encounter, also. Hope to see a permanent solution this time around.

HI Anis, 

I am aware of the issues that you have been having with the patching process. I have talked to the engineer who has been helping you and I will contact you directly for some next steps

Again, I am very sorry that you are having these issues with the patching process, and apologize for the inconvenience.


The only issue we had with a particular patch set, was, i believe, to 5.5.48.   One of the update prcoesses would fail saying that there was a temp table or column that didn't exist.  I don't know, was wierd.   I put in a ticket with support, and i don't think it was really helpful.  I pulled a lot of logs, which was a pain b/c we are in a air gapped network, but the best i got was "send me a screenshot of this page, and that page.".

In the end--after a few weeks, i pulled down the latest download set (which we have to do offline), and the update took with that one.  I've heard it can be flaky.    Support for many of the products (FNMS in partcular) is great....but i think DP is one that is lacking.  I wasn't left with a good vibe...atleast at the first level of support.  I pushed to get it moved up but i got past the issue myself by pulling down a new update.