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Solved Mashup Process | Changes

Hi, our mash up data could and would change regularly and as we're new to data platform, I wanted to test how a change would be processed and appear in resulting reports.  It didn't turn out as I expected.  Here's what I did: First Mashup fileKEY-Hos...

Solved Count rows in analyzer report

Hi, I'm feeling very stupid today, I can't seem to work out how to get a plain simple count of the number of "SYS hostname".  I've tried "SYS Count" but it provides a total for each data source (e.g. if host is found in SCCM and FNMS, the count is 2)...

calculated measure query.png test count result.png

Versions in Data Platform

We have noticed that there is a problem with software versions that don't match far enough out.      We have a software that the current version is 5.4.7   and that is what we have installed in the environment.     SCCM has that version number, but w...

Data Platform report filter

Is there a work around on how many items can be filtered on or out in a report? I see there is a 200 maximum. I am running a report and need to exclude 400+ host names but cannot. HELP! TIA

Updating ServiceNow token in database

Hello,How can we manually update the ServiceNow token in the database? As of 5.5.37 the token is encrypted so we need to supply the token, use Data Platform's encryption function on the token plaintext and then insert that ciphertext in the database....

Solved GA dates

We have a tech refresh programme within our company and IT services are outsourced to a third party.  The intent of refresh is to keep the IT estate current.  Working with our IT supplier we want to be able predict when the next version (and the one ...

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