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In order to continue to deliver the excellent service that you have grown to expect from Flexera, we will be engaging, HCL America Inc, HCL Technologies Limited, HCL Technologies Corporate Services Limited and HCL Mexico S. DE.R.L as a subprocessor. We anticipate that HCL’s engagement will commence from 1st October 2022 (“Effective date”).

About HCL

HCL Technologies is a multinational information technology services and consulting company.  In addition to engaging HCL to support our internal product development functions, Flexera will be using HCL to provide customer focused engineering, support and customer success services. This will allow us to deliver a better customer experience for our customers. It is expected that by engaging HCL the following benefits for customers will be realized:


  • Improved SLO performance and problem resolution of Support Tickets;
  • Faster route to production for our roadmap activities; and
  • Quicker access to new features and releases.

HCL’s commitment to privacy

HCL is committed to protecting your personal data and respecting your privacy and your rights. Our contract with them contains a data processing agreement which includes the use of Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure appropriate protection of personal information of our customers.

Further information about HCL’s commitment to privacy, and how they manage compliance with their obligations can be found here.

Our engagement with HCL

Flexera have undertaken appropriate due-diligence and are satisfied that HCL will abide by the following requirements (in addition to any applicable legal requirements):

  • Only process personal information in accordance with Flexera’s instructions,
  • Ensure that all persons who may access the personal information are bound by obligations of confidentiality,
  • Will conduct regular training in relation to data protection and information security,
  • Implement and maintain appropriate technical and organization measures,
  • Promptly notify Flexera of actual and/or suspected data breaches,
  • Cooperate with Flexera in dealing with any requests from data subjects or supervisory authorities

Further Information

We don't require you to take any action relative to this post - HCL will commence providing services from the effective date provided above. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us ( and we'll be glad to address them.