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Flexera Alumni

There is good news for all of you who use support through the Flexera Community.

As of this last weekend, you have access to the case management portal features you’ve come to expect. I appreciate your patience during this transition.

Back in April, I wrote an update to keep you in the loop about all the hard work that was going on behind the scenes to bring the case management portal to 100 percent.

Since June 1, you have: 

  • Capability to view all transitions on your case, including email and comments in-line as they were received
  • Ability to search based on case number
  • View and sort on all case variables, including severity and status
  • Change severity on closed cases to reopen
  • Option to close a case from the case screen
  • Timestamps for all case activity will be visible
  • Improved format and page layout

During the next week, we would like to gather feedback on the new capabilities. Please share any requests for support portal enhancements below.  Many thanks to the Support Team who worked this weekend to test and to community members @pennym  @jaalstead  @EHacking @bmaudlin @mark_robinson  @Tooling42  @chirag_sharma2 @dmathias @vinod_jadhav @john_a_price for the feedback that was vital in making the portal better. These conversations helped us design a solution that will improve the experience for all community users. 

Thank you for your patience through this process to reinstate features and, more so, thank you for being
a Flexera customer.
Kimberly May, Vice President Support Services
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Level 8
Thanks for the hard work @kmay and team.
Level 7
Hey, Congratulations and I am glad to see the changes here. However, I still have certain feedbacks which you can apply to improve the functionality. Bug:- I am facing an issue where I try to open the case in a new tab and it only says; about:blank#blocked. Next, I observered that attachment missing the details like date/time and uploaded by!! 2) There is no button to download the list of cases. 3) Why can't I see the complete short description? 4) Can't distinuguish between Waiting on Engineering and Waiting on Customer
Level 2
we would like to have STATUS distinguish between "Waiting on Customer" versus "Waiting on Engineering" is that possible?
Level 4

When Filtering and then going in to update one of the cases, you are returned to the UNFiltered list.  This is somewhat inconvenient.

Level 2

two more requests:

1.  Increase the number of issues you can see in search results.  Currently, limited to 10 items.  We would like to set a default instead of having it reset to 10.

2.  When you search for issues, and then select an issue to view, we would like to be able to return to the previous search view.  So, instead of, or in addition to "Back to my cases" should have an option to return to current filter.

3.  Allow us to set  a default filter.  For example, I would like to default to search ALL COMPANY CASES, or STATUS ALL, etc...

4.  Increase the size of the summary shown and/or enable us to hide columns so that we can see more of the summary.

5.  Can we set some defaults on opening new cases such as product and customer?  my profile should at least let me set defaults for product and customer.  

Level 3

Thank you

By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hey @kmay,

Firstly, thanks for the update and it's definitely a great improvement on the previous version.

However I feel there is more to do with the layout and view to make it fully useable.

My Case View:

Ability to change the default of entries higher than 10

Ability to increase the size of the short description (be nice to roll your mouse over and the full description to be displayed for example)

Status requires the full description (same as the filter in my opinion) As I cannot easily see if Flexera Support require an update from me, or Flexera are awaiting an update internally.


At the very least filtering should remain sticky in the session. 

If I search for closed cases for example, go into a case, and then go back filtering is lost and I have to restart the process. So not very user friendly. 

My Case View:

Bug: I've seen a number of times when I click into a case, I get into a loop where the system just loops trying to open the case.

Font is different to the rest of the site, and isn't a great font.

Hope this helps.



Flexera Alumni

Hi, all! We can't thank you all enough for sharing your input. It's appreciated.  Our team is working on the following improvements, targeting a July roll-out: 

Abilities to:

  • Export all cases
  • Add case watchers to an open case
  • View long description from case portal screen

View improvements:

  • Refined status view to clarify waiting on
  • UI improvements
  • Improved case search result views
  • Improved filter capabilities, including default views


On a current view list, we've had some questions on how to view all cases for your company. This knowledge base article explains the steps. 

Level 3

Thanks for the hard work kmay and team.

Flexera Alumni

Hi, all! Happy to report we rolled out some additional features and restored the Export case functionality:

Our case portal updates include:

  • Ability to view who submitted requests 
  • A clearer view of Waiting on status
  • Filters don't reset until a user clears the filter
  • Ability to Export Cases is restored  
  • Ability to add Case Watchers ( These individuals will receive a Case Watcher notification email if there are any changes to a specific Case to which the Watcher has been applied.)

Thank you, again, for your patience and insights. We greatly appreciate them!