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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

We are excited to announce the general availability of App Broker / App Portal 2021 R1 release. 

App Broker / App Portal 2021 R1 includes the following features and improvements:

Ability to use an existing collection to create Catalogs

IT administrators would prefer to use the existing collections from ConfigMgr to create the Catalogs to avoid maintaining multiple collections. Using this capability, you will be able to select the existing collections from ConfigMgr to create Catalogs in App Broker / App Portal. This feature will also help improve time to deploy the application to the target devices thus achieving better performance.

When this capability is enabled, App Broker / App Portal will use the "Approve application requests for user per device" capability in ConfigMgr in the background. This feature will deploy the application immediately for a given user and device. If the user has multiple devices associated with them, they can request the application for each device separately.

Ability to classify Catalog items

App Portal now provides Catalog Classification to provide flexibility for the Administrator to optionally categorize a catalog item as either a preferred or non-preferred product. On the browse catalog page, users can then differentiate between preferred and non-preferred catalog items. When they attempt to checkout a non-preferred catalog item, it will be recommended that they choose from a list of preferred catalog items attached to the catalog by the administrator.

Support for ServiceNow Paris version

This release of App Broker / App Portal includes the support for the newer Paris version of ServiceNow.

For the complete list of features and resolved issue in App Broker / App Portal 2021 R1, please refer the release notes here.

App Broker / App Portal 2021 R1 is now available for download in Product and License Center.

We would love to hear your ideas for App Broker / App Portal via our new Ideas portal.

To keep yourself updated with App Broker / App Portal product releases and updates, please subscribe to this release blog!

Please share your experiences and feedback by posting a comment here or in the App Broker Forum. Of course, the friendly Flexera Support team is also always standing by to take your call.

Thanks for being a partner of Flexera on this journey.

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