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Solved App Portal moving from SCCM to Intune

Hi Flexera community,We are having a plan to move from SCCM to Intune as a main deployment method for App Portal. Whenever we move the applications to Intune, the application references will be different and it is the Manual job to do the change.My q...

Solved Bulk Update Catalog Items Actions

We are migrating from Remedy to Service Now.  Our current App Portal catalog items have Actions that point to ITSM operations.  Are we able to update those in bulk to point to the Service Now Operations in Actions instead?   I have all the tables and...

Solved Deleting group in InTune

I thought I saw documentation that said deleting a deployment on the InTune sub-tab does not delete the group in InTune but I can't find that documentation.  Does App Portal delete the group or is that a manual effort in InTune?  I don't see it delet...

App Broker Integration with Servicenow

We are trying to Integration App Portal to Servicenow Via App Broker and have followed all configuration steps however we are not seeing the catalog items getting sync to Service nor seeing anything in the logs .

Solved Remedy tickets are not having proper details which is installed via App Portal but missing to have the details created in the ticket in Remedy

Hi Forum,we have migrated App Portal 2019 R1 from old 2012 server to a new server with 2019 OS and upgraded to App Portal 2022R1. Using the same URL of the app portal as in the old setup. We have integration with remedy via which tickets are created ...

Solved Bash script to call App Portal APIs

We would like to submit an HTTP GET using curl for createRequest.  When I try it now I get an "Error Processing Questions" error despite sending the recommended value for "strQuestions" from here: