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Solved Bash script to call App Portal APIs

We would like to submit an HTTP GET using curl for createRequest.  When I try it now I get an "Error Processing Questions" error despite sending the recommended value for "strQuestions" from here:

Solved App Portal / FNMS Version Compatibility

Your product documentation says that App Portal 2022 R1 is not compatible with FNMS 2022 R2 On premise! Is that still the case? if so, will there be an App Portal release soon that is compatible with FNMS 2022 R2?  

Solved "Your system is not licensed to use this application."

Hello App Portal Experts I have a migration scenario , taking a DB backup from the  existing 2019 production (On Premise data center) server, and  restoring the DB backup on a new Azrue VM.  The goal is then using 2022 R1 installer do the upgrade. St...

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Solved Deployment Tab - Config Manager and SCCM 2012

Our SCCM team is moving configuration manager to new infrastructure and due to the number of clients they want to move them in batches.  We had a call last year with Flexera consultants and were told we could run parallel, just move the current confi...

Solved App portal upgrade steps

Hi Forum, we are using App portal 2019 R1 and planning to upgrade it to 2022 R1. Need steps and suggestions and best practices to be followed during the upgrade.Our 2019R1 app server is on 2012 OS and we have built a new server with 2019 OS and IP. w...

Solved App Portal Database Schema Question

We are trying to find out the name of the AD Group(s) per package.  I have this query but it is giving me a GUID for the AD Group.  How do I get the AD Group name?  I can't find the table or view to find that information. SELECT T0.*, T1.PackageTitle...