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Intune Deployment not happening

An end user is trying to install 7-Zip 22.01 (X64) application from App portal, the request is getting placed and the machine is added to the particular group in Intune for deployment. But deployment is not happening from Intune and the Service Request in ServiceNow is Closed Complete.

7-Zip was installed on his machine at some point in the recent past via UAT testing environment. Since that point the user had manually removed 7-Zip from his machine and now he is placing the order via prod environment.  He tried more than once, 7-Zip was not installed on any attempt. Please let me know what is the cause for this.


Rajesh Kalidasan

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Can you clarify further what your scenario is?  You mentioned ServiceNow.  Is the request being submitted in ServiceNow and then passed to Intune via App Broker?  Or is the request being submitted directly in the App Broker UI and passed to Intune, then separately using ITSM integration to create/update ServiceNow tickets?  You mentioned that the machine is being added to the appropriate group in Intune, so you would need to check with Microsoft to understand why the deployment isn't happening.  At that stage, it should be no different than if you had just added the device to the group directly within the Intune console.  As for App Broker picking up status as installed and closing out the ServiceNow ticket, it sounds like Intune still has the status from the prior test deployment and App Broker is picking up that prior status as success.  This might be something that needs a support ticket so Flexera Support/Engineering can investigate further.

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The request is being submitted in ServiceNow and then passed to Intune via App Broker, The device is not added directly to the specific group through Intune console. Once the request is placed we could see from the Intune.log that the machine has been added to the group. We checked with Intune team and they has the evidence of the 7-Zip from last deployment happened from UAT, this might be the reason for Intune to skip the installation and Service now to mark the service request as closed complete. We will again check with the Intune team on this.