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How to restrict access for contractors

I would like to know if we are able to restrict access for set of users or contractors accessing the App Portal in their machine. In my case, my contractor is able to access the App Portal and place a software request in his NONE company's computer which this is not the way.

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Hi Ganesh,

I'm assuming that the user is authenticating with AppBroker as defined here:

If the device is a non-work device and receives a software package, then it may not be of concern in licensing terms, for your company. If it is a package that contains data that should not be outside of the company, then this is not the case.

In this case, I believe you can use Catalog Security:

to ensure that the device / user must be a AD member or in a AD group before AppBroker will authorise a deployment.

Please review the documentation in the links above.

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