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Error after deleting catalog operations for ServiceNow integration

When troubleshooting a connection issue with ServiceNow I deleted the catalog operations with the button under  ServiceNow Catalog Item  Integration and now after trying to recreate them I get an error that states "There is an error in XML document (1,1)". The Test button under the same field also results in the same error. Has anyone run into this, or have any ideas of how to troubleshoot this? 

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

usually, I see that error when my dev instance of ServiceNow is hibernating. I'm assuming that you are not using a dev instance, but I'd guess that App Broker can not connect to the ServiceNow instance you have specified. If you have not done so, please be sure that you restart the ESD Service.. App Broker will cache ServiceNow information, so anytime you make a change to the Servicenow integration, you will want to ensure that you restart the ESD Service.. I don't know that it is necessary, but you might also try an iisreset just in case. 

P.S. I saw that you opened a ServiceNow support case. Is this pertaining to the same issue?


Hey Charles,

The ServiceNow Integration test button (the one next to the user name and password on the ServiceNow Integration page) connects successfully. I have restarted the services and iis which didn't help. I opened a support case, but that is for a different issue where not all of the catalog items I upload into AB sync to ServiceNow. Should I open a case for this issue or will continuing to work on it here likely be faster? Because the connection to SN is completely broken at this time this would be the highest priority for this project currently. 

By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'll take ownership of the case that you did open, and clone it to track the issue you posted here (resulting in two support cases). I'll send out an invite for later today.. I have an opening between 1-2 PM central. We can discuss both on our call. 

Thank you!

Did you guys manage to find a root cause?  If so, anything that's appropriate to share here with the community?

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