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App Broker and Port 80

A customer is looking for clarification on what ports will be used on their upcoming App Broker implementation. The customer has cloud FNMS and is using port 443 everywhere that’s possible for FNMS, but wants to make sure that port 80 will not be used for App Broker (or if it will be used, they will need to update their internal requests).

I know sometimes certain communications occur over port 80 like certificate revocation checks so I want to confirm - is it possible to use port 443 instead of 80 entirely for all non-SQL database communications (SCCM Console, FNMS Cloud, End Users) coming from or going to App Broker? 

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You can configure App Portal to run over HTTPS on port 443.  You can also configure the App Portal Web Service (that gets installed on the SCCM site server) to run on a port other than 80 if you want.  You'll need to configure the web service port setting in App Portal to point to the same port it has been configured to run on within IIS on the site server.  Additionally, if the web service has been configured to only run over HTTPS instead of HTTP, you'll need to specify that as well.  You'll find these settings under Site Management > Settings > Web Site > General as Site Protocol, Web Service Protocol, and Web Service Port.  As for use of Port 80 for other things, that totally depends on the external systems you are connecting to.  In most cases, external systems (e.g. ServiceNow, AirWatch, etc.) tend to use HTTPS/443, but you'll need to figure that out, as we don't control that.

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