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Add user to an AAD group

I just created an Idea asking for functionality that would update an AAD group directly on Approval / Checkout.  Today, App Portal will only add to on-prem AD groups.     Please  vote it up if you think this would be helpful

Extend functionality on Security Group tab to work with AAD | Ideas (

I also suggested an Idea a while back to provide native functionality to remove users from groups too - Native functionality to remove user or machine from AD Group | Ideas ( - please vote for this as well if it would be helpful to you.



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I've voted for both Ideas.  Do you have an interim solution while you wait for a native capability?  I know I almost always use a custom web service for AD group add/remove instead of the native functionality, due to the lack of removal capability.  I haven't updated the web service for AAD/Entra ID, but the on-prem solution does work for groups that are synced to AAD/Entra ID.

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Thanks @jdempsey  - We do have some on prem groups that sync to AAD today, and we have been populating those on prem groups from App Portal for a while now.     Some new scenarios have come up though, that require us to use AAD native groups.      For an interim solution we are exploring a Command script that can manage AAD group members.  But we are open to other ideas as well.  Thanks! 

And thanks for the votes!