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windows trusted installer

I am using admin studio to create software packaged MSI's to deploy through SCCM to thousands of clients. I keep repeatdly bumping up against the trustedinstaller problem. After I have captured the install and created the package to deploy it fails the install because the install has insufficient rights to the winsxs folder. The only process that has full control of this folder is called Trustedinstaller, administrators and others have read only. How can i deploy software that requires to write files into this folder?
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You just have to install your MSI per machine with elevated privileges and everything should be fine.

To ensure this you can set the ALLUSERS property to 1.

Beside this, normally the sxs directory is protected by windows and only MS signed setups can write there.
So you might need to include the correct merge module, or use the native MS setup that installs this components.