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shortcut to a mapped drive problem


We just bought Adminstudio 2013 and we use SCCM to distribute the msi files.

I used repackager to repackage a setup (exe file containting some dlls, nothing special), but the program that is actually started by the end user is an exe file on the (mapped) network drive.

The shortcuts that are used inside the msi are ready to use shortcuts, that I copied from the network. They point to O:\EDP\edp.exe and on the (clean) machine where I did the repackaging, it all worked fine.

When I install the freshly made msi with SCCM (using system!), it did not go fine. If I start the exe file using the shortcut on the desktop, it says that the source is not trusted but I could click OK to continue and start it. No problems there!
But I was wondering why this happened and I do not want my users to click twice if it is not really needed.

I found out that adminstudio changed the shortcuts from O:\ into \\\Program\

I was wondering if thise could be the problem, so I changed the .irp file with notepad (I am at home now, but it is that small file that contains info about the project and the files it contains), and changed the into O:\ by changing a variable and recompiled it all into a new msi. No warnings, no errors.

Now again, the msi could not be installed by SCCM, because the msi wants O:\ to be mapped.

1) How can I make an msi NOT check if mapped drive exists or ignore it?
(I looked with installshield and repackager if there was a check if a drive is mapped somewhere, but I could not find one)

2) How can I make Repackager leave my shortcuts alone? Can I not force Repackager to ignore the content of shortcuts? Why would Repackager want to analyse them any way? Just copy paste it 🙂

Maybe I made a basic mistake here? I am of course a newbee 🙂

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated. Copying the exe files from the network drive to the local drive is unfortunately not an option.

Its time to sleep here, but before Ive had my morning coffee I will check for answers 🙂

Friendly greetings,
(1) Reply also works fine with I use the servername in the shortcuts!
But as soon as I start using O:\ it goes wrong. Any tips are appreaciated.

Update2 .. It was the fact that O:\ was mapped to an ipadres that was the problem. When I mapped the O:\ to a servername all problems with shortcuts disappeared.
The only problem I still have left is that a user also needs a drivemapping to o:\ for the msi to install, because the msi checks if O:\ exists.
Is there a way to delete this check with installshield?