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capturing uninstall process

I may have missed a whole lot in help docs, but I can't find out how to
capture removal of application. I'm converting setup.exe to MSI and I'd like
to have a complete picture of both install (done with Repackager) and
uninstall process.

I forgot : I did try to capture with Repackager by pointing to "uninstall.exe"
as the setup program. No luck.
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Hi there,
So you want to capture the uninstaller.
Well, you'll need to change the options to check for deleted files and registry entries to capture an uninstall when running the repackaging wizard.
You could monitor this one if you have an uninstall.exe, maybe check the uninstall shortcut arguments if you have one or look for the program's UninstallString in the registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall).
Alternatively, use ye olde snapshot method.