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How to convert from Wise projects to Installshield

We have a fairly large MSI-installation with six features, a few custom actions, some merge modules, pre requisites and a system search. The installation is automatically built from files updated every night.We are currently using Wise Installation S...

nk2010 by Level 2
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Migrate to new Server

We are going to be deploying SCCM 2007 in a few forest. We have been testing SCCM in a test forest for months now. We also have AdminStudio Enterprise in the test forest. So now we want to try to migrate our packages, projects, templates, etc over to...

WFM 5.0 running slowly

Has anyone else found that the more applications you get entered in Workflow Manager that it is taking much longer to navigate within the tool?For instance, if from the home screen (Workflow Manager tab) if I display "partially assigned application r...

XUserX by Level 2
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Where to download 9.5 SP1 or SP2 ?

I have a standalone installation of AdminStudio 9.5 on a separate non-internet network.I need to download just the SP1 or SP2 update.Can't seem to find a download location on the website. Where can I just download an SP1 or SP2 update zip file ?( Sal...

harojs by Level 2
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Unable to create new catalog in AdminStudio 9.5

Trying to create a new catalog where SQL Server Express 2005 is already installed with other instances. I reinstall Express to create a new instance with these parameters: INSTANCENAME=AdminStudio SECURITYMODE=SQL SAPWD=test SQLACCOUNT="NT AUTHORITY...

How can I remove duplicate Add/Remove entries?

Hello:I am having a problem with duplicate entries in Add/Remove programs. I repackaged GNU DiffUtils 2.8.7 using Repackager and even though it's not a upgrade when I install the MSI it is creating two entries in Add/Remove Programs for this package...

Megz77 by Level 3
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adminstudio 8.0

hii know its an old version but i must use this version.since yesterday whenever i start editor it starts to gather informartion from the pc, like an installer when u modify an existing application on the computer then come up with an error: :ALLUSER...

bl4sfl by Level 2
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