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Am I missing something?

Hi there,

I created a AppV application in Adminstudio with the following steps:

1- Create .irp from setup.exe in Repacker Wizard (installation monitor)
2- Make .irp with the Repacker Wizard (some items incl./excl)
3- Build .msi in the Repacker (no special things in .msi)
4- Open .msi in Installshield Editor
5- Create AppV package using Microsoft AppV Assistant

I didn't find a solution to create a Appv package straight from the setup.exe, is there a way to do that

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
It sounds like you've found the right workflow. If you're doing this for a lot of applications, it may be worth trying the Automated Application Converter, which is available to certain licensing levels since SP2 and SP3. This tool will efficiently automate the steps of the process you described, as well as potentially take some shorter paths when converting .msi installations.