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11.5 silent install

Trying to run the exe installer with the previous standard/supported commandline switches of /s /v"PRODUCTID=xxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxx"Receive a "setup commandline is invalid" message.Tried /s only, -s all with same message. The only commandline I could ...

dandirk by Level 3
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Default Editor Project Folder

Hi,Is there a way to define a Default Editor Project Folder in the repackager tool?(Screenshot attached)Thanks in advanceRegards,Fabio

Installation Compatibility Solver and AdminStudio 11.5

HiI was using AdminStudio 11 and i upgrade to 11.5After that the compatibility solver has been uninstall.I follow the instructions to reinstall it on the flexora web site but when i start the .exe i have this error message___________________An invali...

MS Visual C++ Runtime error - iside.exe

We are running Admin Studio 10 on Windows 2008 R2.When attempting to open or create a .MST, the Tuner returns a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error. It lists the program as ...(x86)\AdminStudio\10.0\Tuner\System\iside.exe and the error is "abnormal pr...

bintaal by Level 2
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Repackaging a 32 bit on a 64 bit system

I have used Repackager and Tuner to repackage and create a transform of a 32 bit application on a 32 bit XP system that installs properly on 32 bit XP and 64 bit Windows 7. When I then try to do the same thing with AdminStudio installed on a 64 bit ...

InstallMonitor x64 Issue/Error

Hi All,I am new to this forum however as a result of just started using/installing adminstudio 11. My problem is that when I try selecting Installation Monitoring as my repackaging method I am constantly getting error"injectlibrary32 failed" Error 5"...

WFM 5 & AdminStudio Editions

I cannot seem to find any information on what edition(s) are required for WFM. Is AdminStudio 10 Enterprise required? Does WFM fully support AdminStudio 10 Professional?

robsons3 by Level 3
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Creating presentable Reports

The Application Request Summary Report creates reports that are presentable to management, but the info is limited. The Report View for custom reports, looks like garbage.Anyone know the best way to make management presentable reports straight from ...

CNation by Level 3
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SQL Server Express?

Hi,The requirements for WFM 5.6 state it needs SQL Server 2005 or above.Has anyone tried it, or does anyone know if it works with SQL Server 2005 Express edition?Cheers,Craig

CraigD by Level 5
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Customizing default pages in WFM

Hi All,At the request of some other consultants, I'm posting a sample below of a method I use to customize the default behavior of pages in Workflow Manager.Some things to be aware of:--This sort of approach is outside of what is officially supported...

Cary_R by Level 11
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