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.MSI containing shortcuts needs to upgrade a previous version but maintain shortcuts

We have an in house application that we've packaged that drops files inside PROGRAM FILES and creates 2 shortcuts. One shortcut in the start menu and one on the desktop.
I'm being asked to write the upgrade so existing shortcuts are not removed. This is because command line parameters are being added by the user to the shortcut originally created by the install .MSI.

Upgrades are performed by having the new .MSI reference the previous rollouts "upgradecode" in the "upgrade" table. I usually edit this via the DIRECT EDITOR and set the attribute on the previous versions to 769 and action property to "ISACTIONPROP1".

Current behavior due to how the Upgrade table is populated, causes the previous version to be uninstalled (including the shortcuts created by the package).
Is there anyway to supress the deletion of the shortcuts? Or perhaps a script that reads in the command line parameters and adds them to the newly created shortcut?
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you can create a patch or minor upgrade for this spcific case.

your current action is called a Major Upgrade which is configured to completely uninstall any previous product.
therefore you will also loose any shortcuts.