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Execute from Current Directory

How to execute below command in CMD, so that it get executed wherever that folder is copied & it’s not hardcoded to folderTest.cmd content…C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSIexec.exe /i "\\xyz\abc\sources\test.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\xyz\abc\sources\test.mst" /QR

a379266 by Level 4
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OS Security Patch Wizard

Is there any way to import MSU patches into the app catalog as at present the OS Security Patch Wizard only allows an .exe to be imported?CheersNigel

thenjd by Level 2
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How to Create a Desktop Shortcut?

Hi All,Very new user of Admin Studio (first day)... I thought I would try something simple to get started. Desktop Shortcut:Using our old method of package creation and software deployment, I would create a package that would copy over a .VBS script...

Automatic Application Converter, AAC with ESXi 5.5 errors.

Hi All,Apologies if this is a simple question, but i have been unable to find much detail in the AdminStudio documentation.I have installed AdminStudio 2013 with the Virtual Pack and trying to convert some MSI's to App-V 5.The AdminStudio PC has the ...

leonade by Level 3
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Application Catalog crashing

Application Catalog will no longer allow me to do anything in the test center. The second I click any button within that that the application crashes. This just recently occurred on Friday prior to this I was able to use it freely. Any ideas?

enelson by Level 3
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Enabling Single Sign-On on IIS 7

Hi there,I am trying to enable single sign-on on our AES 2013, but since the IIS is running in the Integrated Mode, I am not able to enable Forms Authentication and Windows Authentication at the same time. The documentation does not say anything abou...

Installshield Basic MSI - File Types Extensions is not working

Hi,I am using Installshield Basic MSI Project. Am trying to map a custom extension to our application. example, If i try to open the .rcp file after installation of my product, it should open with my application by default. I followed the below link ...

shazif by Level 2
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