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Disable AAC Setup Cache

Hi All,

Any one know if you can disable the AAC local cache for the setup?

I am working with some large products, Autodesk Suites, Aspen etc and copying 40-70GB to try a conversion is time exhausting.

I would prefer to just launch the conversion across the network than copy it down to C:\AppSetup.

I tried creating a Symbolic link to the network, but then AAC complains Error 4409, it cant delete the cache folder. ;(

(2) Replies
Flexera Alumni
Hi Leon,

Try to point to a script file (bat file, vbs file, ps1 file) or something. From this script file, try launching the exe from a network location. Check if this works for you.

Let me know if this works out for you.

and you can always do manual repackaging ?