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Repackager bombing

I've been using Adminstudio since 3.0, we have repackaged dozens of applications. I finally got my copie of 3.5 last week (after using Beta 3.5 for a couple of months).All the images are for XP. Repackager is used on vanilla XP stations.Since using ...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Launch Registration Link

What is the best way to launch a URL after the install has completed? I have attempted a custom action, and set it to launch after cost initialize on the Install UI & Install Exec Sequence as well as "Always Execute". Getting mixed results.Thought...

How to view custom templates in Author

We are a team of administrators using AdminStudio 3.01 connected to a central SQL database.In Author's InstallShield Today, when I choose "Create a new project..." there is a window ("Project Type") showing available templates. I can choose a templat...

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combining packages?

I am curious. I have a package that has software dependancies. I have repackaged all 4 programs into 4 seperate packages that install only if needed. What i really want is one package with 4 components, that install automatically if they are require...

annoying microsoft thing

has anyone else had a problem whereby they change the path for %programfilesfolder% etc and then get a wierd mishmash of folder locations? explanation:original path = C:\programmenew path = D:\Appsactually installing to = C:\Appsthis is not all prog...

Custom Action

I created a custom action which points to an install script function and I inserted the custom action into the sequence. At the begining, when I ran it, I got an error msg, then I changed the sequence for this action. I ran again without any message,...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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repackage installshield exe

I have servral programs to script that allready come as installshield packages . I have admin studio 3. Dose anyone know a way to convert an installshield package to an MSI without repackaging it. some of the packages are compresed installshield file...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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INI File Permission Change

:confused: I needed to change the permission on INI file which got register in Configure the Target system\ INI file changes in Developer 7.04 which is part of Admin Studio 3.5. I am able to make that change using another tool called ORCA but have no...

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Add Remove Programs - Question

I need to know how to not have my package be made available in the add/remove programs in Control Panel. I don't want users to be able to UnInstall it except for authorized users that will run the .msi file again to remove/repair it.Thanx:eek: