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Solved Adminstudio 2015 TLS 1.2

Hello,because of new security GPOs we disabled tls1.0 and tls1.1 on out CLients and Servers.Because that, Adminstudio can't connect to the DB with the Build in ODBC Driver für SQL Server within Windows 10.We installed and testet a connection in the O...

AdminStudio 2019R2 install w/SQL Server Express

The "Getting started with AdminStudio" course is guiding through installing the evaluation AdminStudio edition and outlines the installation of SQL Server Express.Is this SQL version appropriate for a registered full production, long term installatio...

AdminStudio Instructor-led Training

We are excited to announce our expanded alliance with TLUX, a certified worldwide AdminStudio training partner with over 20 years’ experience in the market. Methods for creating packages for successful deployment have evolved over time. While the tra...

KPBussey by Flexera Alumni
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Solved MSIXbundle Package

Hello everyone,i tried to import an appxbundle in adminstudio 2020 last weekunfortunately this was not possible for meIs it planned to import appxbundle and msixbundle in the future and also import them into PowershellWrappings? BR Dietrich

merte07 by Level 3
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Solved Workflow Manager 2020 Upgrade

I'm getting ready to upgrade WFM 2018 to 2020.  The Install Guide says it will upgrade 2018 in place.  The Release Notes say anything older than 2019 R2 needs to be uninstalled first.  Which one is correct?

kbatz67 by Level 6
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Application Mananger

Once we Publish an Application into SCCM (Now Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager), using the "Application Manager" tool of Admin Studio, is there a way to get the Package ID using the same tool ?

Solved Setting up Intune Connection with AdminStudio 2020

Hi, My prospect is going through the AdminStudio evaluation and they asked the following question: I'm working on configuring Intune as the distribution system and following the directions online here:

SonnyLee by Level 3 Flexeran
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error trying to enable AdminStudio email notifications

Trying to set up email notifications (Tools > Options > Notification Settings). Using AdminStudio 2020 Standard on a Windows 10 device.After entering all my info (info is correct; I'm using it in a PowerShell script and can successfully send email) a...