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Multiple versions of AdminStudio on same client (InstallShield)

We currently are running AdminStudio 2018 R1 & have a enterprise license, & are planning to upgrade to AdminStudio 2020. Many of our application teams would need to maintain the 2018 InstallShield, but also leverage the 2020 Installshield for new projects. Since the license (activation) keys are different between versions, is this now possible to run both versions of InstallShield on a single client? I know historically this wasn't an option.

Also if multiple versions (of installshield) are still not supported on the same client, is the process to return the previous (old) license still to first run this command before uninstalling the old (installshield) version?

"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\<version>\System>TSconfig/return"




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