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Adminstudio 2015 TLS 1.2

because of new security GPOs we disabled tls1.0 and tls1.1 on out CLients and Servers.

Because that, Adminstudio can't connect to the DB with the Build in ODBC Driver für SQL Server within Windows 10.

We installed and testet a connection in the OSBC-DataSource Settings in Windows with:
- ODBC Driver 17 for SSQL Server
- SQL Server Native Client 11.0
The Testconnection worked, to our DB instance.

But we cant't get a connection in Adminstudio 2015 to the DB.

We already changed in SharedAdinstudio.ini

from: DefaultDatabase=PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB.1

to: DefaultDatabase=PROVIDER= SQLNCLI11.1

or to: DefaultDatabase=PROVIDER= MSOLEDBSQL.1

but with no success.

How can we setup Adminstudio 2015 to use the new ODBC Drivers?

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