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Solved MSIX Editor - Dependencies

Hi allOn the MSIx package dependency feature on the AdminStudio MSIx Editor, please can someone explain the difference between a Package Dependency and a Main Package Dependency?I've managed to get the Package Dependency feature to work, but if I put...

Getting Trial copy

I've registered for the AdminStudio trial a few times but have not received a download link or trial license email.Is there a link I can download and get the trial license key?

Errors in AppRepackaging

Hello I am trying to create a MSI after installing a application and it gets errors copying files to C:\Packages folder Any help will be greatly appricated  

Issues with AdminStudio PowerShell Cmdlets

I am trying to automate certain processes of application management using PowerShell cmdlets. I have created a tool with a user interface that allows user to enter a list of application names and the script will search the catalog for the application...

madhupn by Level 3
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How can we filter product options in salesforce cpq?

How can I filter product option while creating a quote in salesforce cpq.Example I have a main product "Dell Laptop" - I create 2 features "Hardware" and "Software". I have a "region" field in product option with values X or YI add below product opti...

What tools are needed for MSIX

What packaging tools are needed for a packager to work with msix ?Do they need Adminstudio ? or can you repackage with InstallShield ? Thanks

Admin Studio 2020 Application Creation

Hello Team,When we create an Application with the duplicate name using the SCCM console, it doesn't allow and throws error (Screenshot attached, 'Duplicate name error.png').But when we try to create an Application with duplicate name using the Admin ...