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Custom action problem


I create a new MSI package.
I want to create a custom action in VBS but it don't work (internal error during execution).

This CA check if an exe file exist if this exe exist the package's installation have to arbort (roll back action).
For example, the following VBScript function returns DABORT to exit the installation.
Function ExitSetupFromVBS( )
Const IDABORT = 3
' some work...
' abort the installation
ExitSetupFromVBS = IDABORT
End Function

Any idea about custom action execution and parameters (deferred, synchronous...) ????

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Before troubleshooting your CA problem, do you really need a CA? Would it be possible in your situation to just use a SystemSearch to look for the EXE and then use the property set by the SystemSearch in a LaunchCondition?