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Monitoring vs Snapshot Method

Recently the question popped up which method should be chosen for a best practice guideline. Several official sources seem to prefer the monitorinig method because its faster and more efficient, but even within my limited testing I stumbled across so...

Problems building a repackage of exe to msi

I am trying to convert exe to msi. I am trying this using AdminStudio 8. I go through the Capture an Installation Using Repackaging Wizard and I've tried doing both the snapshot method and the Installation Monitoring method, those complete with no pr...


HiCan we have a feature shown in the feature tree that is grayed out rather than not show at all if the pre-requisites aren’t there for that feature, hence the user will know that the feature is part of the msi but the user will not have the option t...

converting .exe to .msi using repackager tool

I converted a Installshield 12 setup.exe to a .msi package using Admin studio repackager tool. The conversion worked fine and the installation also worked fine.But i have a big problem:None of the custom dialogs which were present in the original ins...

vrajan by Level 3
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Create a new empty ISM file ?

How do I (if there is a way), create a new ISM file?I am trying to find a way to script the following;("start a new basic project" with specified project name)I know you can open existing ism files with the command line;"C:\..\..\isdev.exe xxxxx.ism"...

Installation Monitoring

Hi All,I'm trying to repackage a setup by means of installation monitoring. This is an installation of approx 225MB exploded. After the process is done there is only 10 MB left. Creating a MSI does not install the bulk of the files needed for the pro...

Byknarf by Level 3
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Only copying files

Hi,I'm new to software packaging, but have been playing with AdminStudio Zenworks edition.Some apps we use only require the data to be copied to the local system, and then a shortcut to be created (there is no installer), but when using the repackage...

daunce by Level 2
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Update existing .msi package?

Ok, I'm sure you come across this scenario before:You use AdminStudio to create a software package, carefully crafting and debugging it. It runs perfect, and you use SMS and deploy it to 1000 desktops. Life is good. :cool: Soon after the software ...

mikesic by Level 2
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RemoveFile table : Trying to delete a file(not in package)

So, I tried to place a file into the table, that is not a part of my package.Attached is the screen shot of the table entries.I found a similar thread online that said to choose a component that would get uninstalled...not sure how that works exactly...

rgouette by Level 5
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Using the repackager to convert setup.exe to an msi

I am trying to repackage an application that uses a setup.exe. What method can I use to provide automatic answers to 3 dialog boxes such as accepting the license agreement, typical install, and default install path, etc? I need to deploy the msi thro...

pg2190 by Level 2
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