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I have created a single feature with a single component basic msi that only installs one dll to a directory I get the following error any time I build it and the dll is a key file. If I don't mark it as a key file then it will build fine. I assume that the msi has to have at least one key file.

Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
at address 0x749f71c2 trying to write address 0x07bbb1d0.

File : C:\Program Files\Macrovision\AdminStudio\8.0\Editor\System\isdev.exe
Version :
Exception : c0000005
Address : 749f71c2
Access Type : NA
Access Address : 07bbb1d0

Registers : EAX=07bbb1d0 CS=001b EIP=749f71c2 EFLGS=00010246
: EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0012c590 EBP=0012c59c
: ECX=74a37db0 DS=0023 ESI=07bbb1d0 FS=003b
: EDX=ffffffff ES=0023 EDI=077e3c4c GS=0000

Stack Trace : 749ec705 749ef301 749f7a4e 749f3cc5
: 749f8cad 749f95b0 749eeeb4 749ef021
: 749f00ab 749948e4 749d0a8a 749e2b60
: 68ff0d40 68ff0c49 68fef267 68fd98e1
: 68fd889e 68fd8781 68fd85fa 6900408f
: 69004010 68d6e4f5 68d6dfb1 68d6d588
: 68d6b4b0 68db85ee 68d801c8 68d7e50c
: 68d31333 68d30c21 68d32e32 673b8de8
(2) Replies
Does this still happen if you change the '.Net Scan at Build' property on the component to 'Properties Only'? If so, this is a known issue that was addressed in SP1 of InstallShield 12.
I did see that and SP2 fixes the issue but after calling installshield they don't have a sp2 update for adminstudio however they do have a hotfix that they can send.