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Monitoring vs Snapshot Method

Recently the question popped up which method should be chosen for a best practice guideline. Several official sources seem to prefer the monitorinig method because its faster and more efficient, but even within my limited testing I stumbled across some applications that were absolutely impossible to repackage using the monitoring method and working just fine using snapshot.
So my question is: What are your experiences in repackaging regarding which method should be prefered ?
Try the fast & easy way of monitoring and when it fails resort to snapshot ?
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I have used Adminstudio for 5 years repackinging software for deployment in a AD enviroment. After the first 4 or 5 packages failed via monitoring I decided it wasn't worth it. I recently had a coworker go to Installshield training and before he left I showed him how to do the snapshot method but told him that they would teach him the prefered monitoring method. I was wrong. The Installshield instructor agreed that snapshots were recomended.