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Why does my installation of AdminStudio not have the Application Isolation Wizard tool?

I am a brand new user of AdminStudio.  I am trying to repackage the installation of a purchased application.  I am trying to create a simple MSI without building an entirely new infrastructure in this small organization.  When I repackage the application and attempt to execute the MSI it fails because it cannot write to the WinSxS directory.  When I attempt to create an "isolated version of the package" and complete the "Isolation options" tab "Manifest options" (via repackager) the build fails with "Isolating Package... the parameter is incorrect" (I am deeply underwhelmed with the information provided here).  From what I can see there is no information concerning the steps and/or parameters required to isolate a package in the documentation.

According to the help library there is a tool called the "Application Isolation Wizard" that should be available in the tools gallery on the left side of the AdminStudio Standard Edition main page.  This seems to be missing in my version (2019R2 - see attached screenshot).

I know that I am missing something that should be obvious to an experienced user.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Usage of some of the tools in AdminStudio was very low. In order to keep AdminStudio relevant and simple, some of such tools where hidden in the product. One such tool is Application Isolation Wizard.

If you are on AdminStudio Enterprise or Professional, then please run the attached SQL script on AdminStudio catalog (database), to get the tool back into the product. If you are on AdminStudio Standard, then please go to this path in the install directory of AdminStudio to  launch Application Isolation Wizard - C:\Program Files (x86)\AdminStudio\2019\Common\AIW.exe