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Urgent : repackaging problem

Hi all,

i try to explain my problem( iam french so its a little difficult)

I must repackage a suite of .exe on a system. i use the snapshot method for that, cause i have to launch the .exe and do some little configuration between them.

The problem is that some .exe write some data in a distant machin. I fear that this operation will not be register by the snapshot in respond.

So my question are :
The distant operation wille be register?
if no, how can i do for packaging that?

Iam newbie tu use adminstudio, and i must give response very quickly
Thanks for any idea and help you give me

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Hi There,

First of all, not to worry about your English. I understand perfectly what you're referring to.

The difficulty with writing files to a network share is that Repackager won't capture this kind of data in Shapshot mode. (In fact, it may not do so in Installation Monitoring mode)

This is because the Snapshot mode can only include the local machine's drives in its snapshot data.

My recommendation would be to identify manually all of the files that get copied to the network share, and then make changes to the *.ism project file, using this method:

1. Add a dummy entry to the Directory table in InstallSHield's Direct Editor (we'll call it NETPATH, for example)
2. Set NETPATH's parent folder to TARGETDIR
3. Set it's DefaultDir to a single period
4. In the Property Table, add a property called NETPATH
5. For the value of the property, give it the UNC Path: \\somemachinename\folder\folder
6. Add the files to be installed here to a new component, and set the destination as NETPATH

Can you try this and see if this works for you?