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Updating PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit - Bug?



I've followed the instruction on how Update powershell app deployment toolit.


However the variable {UnInstallPackage} is not reflecting the correct value when replaced. it translate to a mix of {InstallPackage} and {UnInstallPackage}



Execute-Process -path "$dirFiles\apache-tomcat-10.1.7.exe""$dirFiles\Uninstall.exe" -Parameters "/S -ServiceName=""Tomcat10"""


as you can see from above the commandline to install is appended by the commandline to uninstall. Is this a known issue? Thanks.




(1) Solution

Hi Man,
This looks to be a bug that is planned to be addressed in the next release.

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Hi Man,
Can you attach your modified Deploy-Application.ps1 template you are pointing to from the Template Directory for Wrap Options (Application Manager > Options >Wrap Options) 

Also, in your example given, is it from the resultant wrapped package ps1?
Given i.e. Execute-Process -path "$dirFiles\apache-tomcat-10.1.7.exe""$dirFiles\Uninstall.exe" -Parameters "/S -ServiceName=""Tomcat10"""


Regardless of using a default template or customizing my own it has the same result. I have attached a custom ps1 that i use. Note that this only happens when the installer is an EXE/Legacy, if the installer is MSI it works well.

TemplatePS.PNG - Is the initial template with variable

MSIResult.PNG - MSI. Works as expected

ExeResult2.PNG and ExeResult1.PNG - this are sample for exe.



Hi Man,
When wrapping the package, the first dialog asks for the Uninstallation Parameters. By default, it populates it with the entire Uninstall Command Line from the .exe Deployment Data->Programs of the .exe. When prompted for the Parameters you can clear it out or put what is needed. That should affect the Execute-Process with the incorrectly appended values. That may be what you're looking for.

We hope that helps.


Yes, that's what I did.


Install Parameters: "apache-tomcat-10.1.7.exe" /S /NCRC

Uninstall Parameters: "%ProgramFilesX64%Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 10.1\Uninstall.exe" /S -ServiceName="Tomcat10"


but still the uninstall command-line is incorrectly showing in the Deploy-Application.ps1, please see below.

'Execute-Process -path "$dirFiles\apache-tomcat-10.1.7.exe""$dirFiles\Uninstall.exe" -Parameters "/S -ServiceName=""Tomcat10"""'

Hi Man,
We look to be using the entire field as a parameter rather than using it as an entire uninstall string. So it looks like we're appending it to base .exe instead of using it entirely for the execute-process. I'll check with our side on what the intention should be and what can be done.

Hi Man,
This looks to be a bug that is planned to be addressed in the next release.