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Uninstall software

Hi all,

My predecessor installed several software packages over 150 machines. I need to remove them. What I do not want to do is walk to each machine and remove them manually.

As a test I installed a software package on a machine, the manual way, created a package in GPO and tried to remove it. That did not work. as I think the GPO needs to install the package first and then have the uninstall option. What I wan to prevent is that the software package is installed again on the machine

Most of the software are installed with an MSI so I know that you can quit uninstall them with the msiexec.exe /x option.

How can I create a MSI that contains only the line:

MsiExec.Exe /x {903B0409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9} /qn

And when executed it runs the code, uninstalls the application and we are done.

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Use the Upgrade-table and remove the actions from the sequence that registers the product, or just remove it using a GPO afterwards.


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