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Unable to find Flexwrap Assistant Wizard tool


I'm unable to find Flexwrap Assistant Wizard Tool in Adminstudio 2015.
Does anyone knows from where to access\find this tool?
Is there any separate installer for it?
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Flexera Alumni

Flexwrap is no longer part of AdminStudio (since AS 2014 or earlier). Please see this link for more information -->

Hope this helps.

Thanks Alpesh for providing this information

Hi @Alpesh 

Thanks for sharing the update.

Unfortunately I can't find the info you included as it appears the link is missing.


Our customer has been using FlexWrap for a long time and now they are planning to upgrade the hardware.

Their concern is whether they get the support for FlexWrap on the new platform.

They have been paying for the support contract. They originally purchased FlexWrap itself.

Can you please advise, what they can purchase if they want to get the FlexWrap working on the new platform (hardware and Windows Server OS)?




The FlexWrap tool is deprecated from AdminStudio few years ago. The tool is no longer available in AdminStudio. Also, the tool no longer supported.

Thanks @kmantagi  for the update!