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Tuner under NT4 Doesn't work?

I have recently upgraded to AS5. Under XP and 2K everything is fine but on my NT4 systems I can no longer create a new transform using Tuner. It gives a windows c++ script error and then crashes? I have tried this on 3 diffferent NT4 systems and always the same. is there a script update or specific engine I should have? Screeny is attatched. this is kinda bad as I really need this under NT4.
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What version of IE do you have?

Do you have any NT4 service packs installed?
NT4 SP6a IE 5.5sp2 + all hotfixes to sp3/ie6 (dont want them)

Always the same setup as with AS3.5
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I installed AS 5.0 on NT4 SP6a IE5.5sp2 and I was not able reproduce the problem you mentioned in your posting.

So I would like to know when you are getting this run time error message.

Is it when you click on the Save button in Tuner or is it when Tuner is being loaded?

Are you able to successfully open each view by clicking on different nodes in Tuner tree like "Package Validation", "Files", or “Registry" etc etc?
open tuner and click on new transform and then immediately. Again however it seems to be related to the german version of NT. i have since installed and tested with englisch version and it is fine.