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Tuner / Developer Validation Output not Same

This has happened several times to me. I can do a full MSI validatation of a transform in Tuner and get a certain number of errors reported, and if I validate the same transform in Developer, against the same cub file (as far as I know), I get a different number of errors. How can this happen?

Here's specifics, and please don't gasp at these numbers, they are real and from a vendor supplied MSI. If I run the Full MSI Validation on the original MSI I get 1102 errors. If I do Win2K validation, there are 1100 errors. Then I create my Transform. A full MSI Validation in Tuner comes up with 1101 errors, and the same Validation in Developer comes up with 1103. One of the errors found in Tuner was NOT found in Developer, but Developer found 3 errors Tuner didn't (1101 - 1 + 3 = 1103).

Any thoughts? Or has anyone else seen this? One of several quirks that I think are associated more with Tuner than anything else.
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Which version of AdminStudio are you using? Are you using Developer as it came in AdminStudio, or a different version?
AdminStudio is v5.1. When I installed AdminStudio, I had no previous components on my system, so Tuner, Developer, etc. were all installed as part of the AdminStudio installation. I have applied the service packs to Developer, and am currently running v8.01.
Just a couple of question more -

1) In Tuner, you can turn off the output display of error, warning, and/or information messages (you can't in Developer). Are any of the message types turned off in Tuner?

2) Have you tried the validation with Orca? How do the results compare?

I really want to get to the bottom of this...
I'm only omitting Info results in Tuner.

I just ran validation on my transform. ORCA and Tuner give identical results, with regards to errors. ORCA gave me two extra warnings (ICE33) that Tuner did not. Developer was the odd one. The extra errors reported were:

ICE39 Error PID_REVNUMBER value in Summary Information Stream is not valid. Format for Transforms is " ; ;".
ICE39 Error PID_TEMPLATE value in Summary Information Stream is not valid. It must be of the form "Platform,Platform,...;LangID,LangID,...".
ICE39 Error PID_TEMPLATE value in Summary Information Stream is not valid. It must be of the form "Platform,Platform,...;LangID,LangID,...".

I've seen that on other transforms I've created too, and I can't fix it.


In Program Files\InstallShield\AdminStudio\5.0, please send me the darice.cub files from Developer\Support and Tuner\Support. Lets take this off-line and get it resolved. You can e-mail me at
has anyone resolved ice39?
why are these extra errors coming up with dev studio?(and not with tuner)
Hi ,

Even I am facing the same problem . I faced this problem while packaging Office 2003 .

I get only ICE25 in tuner but dev studio gives 3 extra ICE39 warnings .
ICE39 Error PID_TEMPLATE value in Summary Information Stream is not valid. It must be of the form "Platform,Platform,...;LangID,LangID,...". http://dartools/iceman/ice39.html _SummaryInfo 7

Please let me know if someone has cracked this issue .

Cheers ,
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