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Setup requires another MSI

Hi all

I have repackaged a legacy Setup which installs a PDF Writer Tool on the target machine but this MSI needs (for correct functionality) Ghostscript 8.x

and therefore a created a separate MSI for the Ghostscript

How can i make a conditional installation for the PDF MSI and the Ghostscript MSI to install both in one step?

which means:

if Ghostscript isn't on the target machine it shoud be installed BEFORE the PDF MSI runs

Thanks in advance for your help

Update 5.12.07 :

with the setup prerequiste editor i can solve this very handy ... but one question is still open:

if the required MSI isn't on the target machine the main MSI shoud automatically install the required MSI without user intervention how can i handle this?
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I think you can make use of nested installation, I mean include the dependent .msi also in your original package and trigger it silently while launching your .pdf creator tool. You cna as well write a custom action to check for the existence of dependent app on the machine, so that the dependent .msi only gets triggered in its absence.
Just a thought, may oy may not help, u can give a try:)
FYI. Concurrent Installations, also called Nested Installations, is a deprecated feature of the Windows Installer.